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Our office is at the forefront of advancements in cosmetic dentistry. Our select team of dentists are highly skilled in cosmetic procedures; and they work closely with master ceramists at our onsite, state-of-the-art, dental laboratory. This combination of expertise, collaboration, and access to the latest technology allows us to offer our patients more specialized care and faster results.

Smile Makeover

Of all the methods available today for changing and improving the look of your smile, veneers are among the most popular. They can be used to achieve dramatic results; and they are one of the most common restorations used on television shows such as Extreme Makeovers and The Swan.

Veneers are usually used on the most visible anterior (front) teeth. The process involves removing a small amount of tooth structure to make room for the veneers. The dental lab then custom fabricates the veneers from impressions, utilizing special techniques to obtain the desired tooth shade and translucency. After placement, the veneers look like beautiful, natural teeth resulting in a winning, vibrant smile.

Full Mouth Restoration

Imagine being able to turn the clock back 20, 30, 40 years or more! A full mouth restoration involves restoring the teeth, bite, and muscles to a natural looking, youthful feeling condition, and achieving the cosmetic improvements you have always wanted.

This comprehensive restorative procedure can reverse years of neglect and the natural effects of aging. It can also provide you with the Extreme Hollywood Smile that you have always dreamed of having. A custom approach is developed just for your needs and goals. Full mouth restorations are an optimal integration of a number of the restorative techniques identified on this web site. Because we have an experienced staff, state of the art equipment, an advanced dental lab on-premise, and we offer sleep dentistry, we are uniquely able to perform your full mouth restoration in minimum time and with maximum comfort.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening or bleaching is one of the most popular areas of cosmetic dentistry. Even subtle changes in shading can make someone look years younger. Several factors can contribute to the darkening of teeth, including the effects of age, certain foods and bevarages, smoking, and medications. There are a variety of systems available to whiten teeth. These include: “instant” teeth whitening done in the dental office; dentist supervised "at home" systems using custom trays and dentist provided bleaching solution; and even numerous “over the counter” whitening products. Current data and research has shown that the dentist supervised “at home” tray bleaching is one of the most effective means of teeth whitening.

Non-Metal Fillings

Historically, amalgam fillings, sometimes referred to as silver fillings, have been the most commonly placed filling material. The major component of amalgam is mercury, not silver; and the distinctive coloration can make it very noticeable in the mouth.

Until recently, dental patients were often told that cosmetically superior tooth-colored restorations were not as durable as traditional metal-based restorations. This philosophy is now passé. With the modern technologies of dental adhesion, resins, lasers, and state-of-art ceramics, new tooth-colored restorations are close to rivaling a natural tooth in strength, wear, function, and appearance. There are now sixteen-year studies showing that with properly administered techniques, these advanced restorations surpass traditional dentistry. With these new materials, it is possible to bond teeth back together, virtually restoring them to their virgin strength without the invasiveness of full-coverage crowns. As a result, in the majority of circumstances, metal fillings and crowns can be replaced with cosmetically superior tooth-colored restorations that won’t detract from a vibrant smile.

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