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Currently there are eight Smile Stories to choose from: Mouthopolos, The Smile Stones, Frogwart & the Tooth Fairies, The Exchange, Landie And the Loose Tooth, A Visit to the Dentist, Georgia's Loose Tooth and The Gift of the Tooth Fairy

Brought to you by Cosmetic, Implant & Family Dentistry: Cunning Dental Group of California. We will be adding more Smile Stories soon - so be sure to check back!

Frogwart & the Tooth Fairies

Ontario Dentist

Written & Illustrated by Jerry Jindrich

Children & grown-ups will enjoy this creative story with a surprise ending!

The Exchange

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by Kathy J. Sablatzky

A delightful story about a "new"

Tooth Fairy's adventures.

Landie And the Loose Tooth

Ontario Full Mouth Restoration

written by Dawna Crawford. Illustrations by Main Ladie & Shirley Corely-Holland.

A whimsical tooth loss story for children of all ages.

The Smile Stones

Upland Cosmetic Dentist

Created by John Poulter of Melbourne, Australia

Visit Smilestone Island and everyone who lives there!

Georgia's Loose Tooth

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by Richard McGowan

This transplanted fairy tale gives new meaning to the word vegatable.

The Gift of the Tooth Fairy

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by J. D. Aiguir

Sometimes we get more than we know.

Montclair Cosmetic Dentist

The Tooth Fairy's Cousin

Montclair Teeth Whitening

by Hilary Williamson

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